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Question: What are the opening times?
Answer: Day con 11am - 6pm, After party 7.30pm - 11.30pm.

Question: I’ve already bought my tickets, what should I do on the day?
Answer: Check your Eventbrite email and either print off the e-Ticket or Download it to display the QR code on your phone.

Question: Tickets have SOLD OUT online (oh no), are they still available on the door?
Answer: Yes, there is an allocation of day tickets available on the door.

Question: I’m going to the After party, do I need to bring my ID?
Answer: Yes! If you don’t bring valid photo ID (i.e Passport or driving licence) then you will be banded as an under, and not permitted to purchase or consume alcohol.

Question: Do you have a cloakroom?
Answer: Yes, The venue has a cloakroom on the ground floor (Killermount St entrance). It is open during the day event (11am – 6.30pm) and visitors can deposit items for the duration of the event.

The following items can be stored in the cloakroom.
Clothing Items £1 per item.
Rucksacks/Small bags £2 per item (Limited to 40 items)
Luggage/Backpacks £3 per item (Limited to 20 items)

*Note space for Rucksacks/Small bags, Luggage/Backpacks is limited and will be on a one in/one out policy if full.
A member of the Attic Events team will always be supervising the Cloakroom in open hours. Please note that items cannot be left in the cloakroom overnight. All items are stored at your own risk, neither Attic Events nor the venue Royal Conert Hall are liable for any loss, damage or theft.

Question: I’m under 18, can I still attend the After Party?
Answer: Yes, individuals aged 14 and over can attend the after party. However you must be 18 or over and have a valid photo ID in order to purchase or consume alcohol.