Here at Attic Events we aim to provide an array of unique, creative and engaging events for fans to experience and enjoy. Whether your passion is anime, gaming, manga or cosplay; we’ve got you covered!

At present, our portfolio of events includes; Rai-Con Spring, Rai-Con Winter and hosting the Cosplay City Championship; Scotland's longest established cosplay competition, now going into its 8th year!

All of our events are built with you, the fans, in mind. We share your passion and the team here at Attic Events are dedicated to bringing you high quality events with the world you love at their heart. We aim to offer a wide variety of attractions, panels and activities for you to enjoy and are keen to involve fans in helping us drive the direction of our events in order to provide you with the events that you want to see. With Attic Events, you can be sure that fun and exciting times lie ahead. So why not come along and see for yourself; connect with old friends, make some new ones, share your passions and support us in supporting the things that you love!